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OkTrends by OkCupid

Fun fact: Women who enjoy the taste of beer are 60% more likely to sleep with someone after a first date. Who knew, right? OkTrends, the blog by the mega-popular dating site OkCupid, publishes original fun statistics, such as the aforementioned factoid, and other surprising correlations, as derived from data and observations from OkCupid's 7 million-plus membership. OkTrends uses a scientific approach to analyze the wide world of online dating to produce engaging, insightful and entertaining content. For this reason, OkTrends is our favorite dating blog. However, the most recent post dates back to April 2011, so needless to say, we're dying for some new material!


EmpowHER is one of the largest sites dedicated to women's health and well-being. EmpowHER boasts informative articles on sexual health, relationships and sex—it has everything under one roof! With her personal experiences in mind, the founder of EmpowHER started this community after suffering from a debilitating disease that resulted in feelings hopelessness. To help women avoid similar situations, EmpowHER encourages women to ask their most pressing health questions, and the site upholds a "24 Hour Promise" that ensures a response within the set time period. EmpowHER strives to provide answers and support to those in need and has grown into an interactive community trusted by millions of women. is a three-times daily blog and your one-stop fix for "sex, love and everything in between." The creators, Em and Lo, stand by their promise and truly deliver everything under the sun, including (but not limited to) Q-and-A from Em and Lo themselves, weekly guidance from the Wiseguys (a team of dudes with varying sexualities and relationship statuses), horoscopes and qualified medical advice from doctors and OB/GYNs. is a perfect balance between educational and entertaining, and as they proclaim on the site, "sexy but never sleazy."

The Urban Dater

The Urban Dater is comprised of a dynamic blogging duo: Alex and Taylor (male and female, respecitvely). Both experienced daters with years of insight, the two have joined forces to create one of the most engaging and entertaining dating blogs on the Web. Urban Dater achieves the right balance of tastefulness and edge to keep you coming back for more. As they state on their site: “Alex keeps us trashy. Taylor keeps us classy.” And in the rare event you run out of content to read on the blog, Urban Dater has even launched a podcast for your listening pleasure.

Ask Dan & Jennifer

Ask Dan & Jennifer is the premiere sex education resource for adults. Their series of Q-&-A videos, articles and e-books have the answers to all the questions that were never answered in your 9th grade health class. Dan and Jennifer address topics such as foreplay, oral sex, sex toys, flirting, healthy relationships and much more. You name it—Dan and Jennifer have the answer. Ask Dan & Jennifer should come with a warning, however—the site is filled with addictive and abundant content that will keep you occupied for hours!

Funky Brown Chick

Funky Brown Chick, penned by Twanna A. Hines, is her personal sex/relationship blog chronicling her life as a single 30-something New Yorker. As a sexual and reproductive health advocate, she also promotes safe sex, STD awareness, healthy relationships and all that good stuff. Funky Brown Chick is relatable to single women everywhere and offers advice to all. But be warned: Funky Brown Chick is by no means a “dating expert” blog; Ms. Hines is wise and insightful, but she recognizes her mistakes and learns from them, but has no power over others mistakes. Overall, Funky Brown Chick is lighthearted and engaging, but is written with humility and honesty.

Abiola's Passionista Playbook

Abiola Abrams lives with one overarching principle: passion. Her zest for life, as well as her desire to inspire passion within others, is palpably evident on her lifestyle blog, Abiola's Passionista Playbook. The content on the blog is as diverse and interesting as Abiola herself—a lifestyle expert, love and sex columnist, TV personality and speaker. Her blog includes a section to three major facets of romance—sex, love and dating—as well as sections on food, wine and a Web talk show, Kiss & Tell TV. But what sets her blog above others is her commitment to safe sex as demonstrated through her “No Bone Zone Safe Sex Pledge.”

Naked With Socks On

Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name?” William definitely got that one right—it’s the substance that counts, not what something is called. But in the case of blogs—as opposed to Montagues and Capulets—a name can make it or break it. The award-winning blog, Naked With Socks On, is an example of a name enhancing the product. Naked With Socks On not only paints a vivid mental image with its title, but the blog also serves as a resource and forum for sex and relationships, as well as hub for current events. Naked With Socks On features more than basic, yet entertaining, articles but also Wet Wednesday, a weekly erotica series, and a weekly podcast called the Naked Radio Show.

Bad Online Dates

We’ve all had at least one bad date (…or a few more than we would like to admit) in our lives. That’s where Bad Online Dates comes into play. Bad Online Dates is an online community for people to find camaraderie and share their cringe-worthy dates with people who have been there too. This forum was not created as online pity party, but conversely, the goal of Bad Online Dates is to help turn negative experiences into positive ones, and of course, share a laugh. Check out Jen’s Blog (the website's founder) for dating Q-and-A, funny articles and dating astrology to reduce your bad dating mojo.