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Why Is My Urine Dark Yellow?

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Why Is My Urine Dark Yellow: Overview

Are you wondering, “Why is my urine dark yellow?” If so, we have answers to this question and many others. Basically, your urine is more than a waste product—it’s an indicator of your health. Dark yellow urine can be a sign of a serious disease like hepatitis B or simply a sign of dehydration.

Causes of Why Your Urine is Dark Yellow

Different conditions may cause dark yellow urine. Take note of how long your urine has been dark yellow and if any other symptoms are present.  Possible causes for dark yellow urine include:

  • Various strains of hepatitis
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
  • Cirrhosis or liver damage. This may be a complication of hepatitis B.
  • Dehydrations
  • Certain food and medications. Food such as beets and blackberries or a vitamin B supplement may cause darkened urine.
  • Urinary tract infection

Diagnosing Dark Yellow Urine

Among your many questions, you may also be wondering, “Is dark yellow urine a symptom of STDs?” The answer is yes. Hepatitis B and other strains of hepatitis are sexually transmitted and can cause dark yellow urine. When this symptom of hepatitis B is present, STD testing can help provide diagnosis. Hepatitis B and STD testing is quick and easy, available at local labs across the country. Results are available within a few short days.

If your hepatitis B test is negative or you have already been vaccinated for the virus, talk to your doctor about other possible causes of dark yellow urine. In the meantime, try adding more fluids to your diet and take note of any foods or medications that could be causing symptoms.

Treating Dark Yellow Urine

Now that we’ve answered your question, “Why is my urine dark yellow,” we can discuss treating this problem. If you urine is dark yellow due to a UTI, be aware that the medication used to treat the infection will cause discoloration in your urine. This side effect is harmless and dark yellow urine caused by food or medication in general does not require treatment.

Hepatitis B treatment depends on type of infection. Acute hepatitis B does not warrant any specific treatment, but be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Chronic hepatitis B requires antiviral medication to help slow the virus down. Extreme cases of hepatitis B, cases where there is significant liver damage and cirrhosis, may require a liver transplant.

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