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Concerned about white sores in mouth?

“White sores in the mouth” may cause some pain and suffering, but this affliction is fairly common. Many different conditions can cause mouth sores, but few are cause for alarm.

Possible causes of white sores in the mouth

  • Oral herpes. HSV-1 is responsible for this condition which causes cold sores in and around the mouth.
  • Canker sores. These flat, painful sores occur on the gums, tongue and soft areas of the mouth.
  • Inflamed taste buds. Also known as enlarged papillae, these can appear as small, painful white sores on the tongue.
  • Oral thrush. White patches may be oral thrush, which occurs due to a yeast infection in the mouth.
  • Oral cancer. Most lumps, bumps and sores in the mouth are nothing to worry about, but if a sore (painful or not) doesn’t heal after a few weeks, consult a medical professional.

Diagnosing white sores in the mouth

Oral herpes can be diagnosed through a blood test. This test is sometimes included as part of an STD testing panel, though HSV-1 is acquired through casual contact (sharing a drink, a casual kiss, etc.) rather than sexual activity.

A doctor or dentist can help diagnose other causes of mouth sores.

Treating white sores in the mouth

Oral herpes can be treated with antiviral medication, such as acyclovir. This prescription medication makes outbreaks more manageable and less frequent. Otherwise, cold sores will eventually heal on their own.

Other causes of white mouth sores, such as enlarged papillae or canker sores, usually heal on their own but if sores don’t go away after a week or two, consult a doctor.

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