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White Bumps on Penis & STDs

Seeing white bumps on your penis? It's natural to notice white penis bumps and immediately start to panic, but the best way to help yourself is to figure out what's causing these bumps to appear. Though it's true that white bumps on the penis are a herpes symptom, they could also be regular pimples or harmless papules.

White Bumps on Penis: Considering the Possibility of Herpes

When white bumps on the penis appear following exposure to genital herpes, the disease cannot be ruled out. Anyone who is sexually active runs the risk of contracting genital herpes, and only STD testing can confirm or rule out the presence of infection.

What a Herpes Outbreak Feels Like

Contrary to popular belief, herpes outbreaks aren't always painful, though unfortunately, plenty of people who have herpes report that the symptoms are quite uncomfortable. A herpes outbreak can produce white bumps on the penis that blister and cause overall genital pain. Along with white bumps on the penis, flu-like symptoms may surface, including fever, fatigue, and body aches.

White Bumps on Penis: Seeking Out Genital Herpes Testing

Genital herpes testing is the first step in diagnosing symptoms. Since symptoms can be vague, a genital herpes test can help diagnose what's causing the issue. Fortunately, genital herpes can be treated to minimize the severity of symptoms and help prevent white penis bumps from recurring. Abstaining from sexual activity is crucial while white bumps on the penis are present, as herpes can be transmitted via skin-to-skin contact even in the absence of penetrative intercourse.

White Bumps on Penis: Not Always a Symptom of STDs

While your first inclination may be to associate white bumps on the penis with genital herpes, there are other possible explanations. First, it is possible to get whiteheads in the penile area, as excessive sweating in the region can cause pimples to form. Additionally, white bumps on the penis may be nothing more than pearly penile papules. These small, benign bumps are usually flesh-colored and are easy enough to mistake for white bumps on the penis caused by herpes. Unlike herpes sores, penile papules are not sexually transmitted.


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