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Urinating Blood & STDs

Urinating blood can be scary indeed, so anyone who finds him or herself with bloody urine should seek medical intervention as soon as possible. Although certain harmless infections can cause someone to start urinating blood, it’s best to act quickly and figure out why this is happening.

When Women Begin Urinating Blood

The tricky thing about females urinating blood is that it can be difficult to tell if the blood is coming from the vagina or not. Spotting in between periods, which is fairly common, may be mistaken for bloody urine.

When Men Begin Urinating Blood

Unlike their female counterparts, men with bloody urine cannot consider attributing this condition to their non-existent menstrual cycles. However, in males, bloody urine can easily be mistaken for bloody ejaculation, which is usually the result of a prostate problem.

When a Sexually Transmitted Disease is to Blame

Although this is not a common symptom of STDs, it could be a symptom that shouldn’t be ignored. Anyone who has unprotected intercourse can contract gonorrhea, chlamydia and other STDs. While the disease doesn’t usually cause people to start urinating blood, it can cause discomfort during urination and genital discharge. In women, gonorrhea can also result in mid-cycle bleeding, which may be confused with urinating blood. STD testing is the only surefire way to diagnose gonorrhea and chlamydia. Even when STD symptoms aren’t present, accurate STD testing can be performed using a painless urine sample. 

Urinating Blood: Harmless Factors

Certain foods and medications can cause discoloration of the urine, and in some cases, a person may think that he or she is urinating blood when in reality, the urine has simply picked up a reddish shade due to changes in drug use or diet. Beets, for example, are known to cause the urine to change color, and when that happens, it’s easy enough to confuse it with urinating blood.

An Infection Could Be the Cause

When a man or woman notices this symptoms, it’s often a sign of a kidney infection or infection of the urinary tract. UTIs (urinary tract infections) are common in women especially and cause females to not only start urinating blood, but also begin urinating more frequently. UTIs also tend to produce a burning sensation during urination.

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