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Penis Infections & STDs

Among the various ailments that can strike men, nothing sends pulses of fear through the system like the thought of having a penis infection. A penis infection can take on many forms, from itching and burning to spots or blisters. Understanding the symptoms of a penis infection and what underlying conditions they might signify can help men take appropriate action.

What a Penis Infection Looks Like

An infected penis may appear red or rash-covered. Some penis infections produce sores or bumps that may or may not be painful. A penis infection may also result in unusual discharge.

What Causes a Penis Infection?

Penile rash, spots on the penis, and penile discharge are all symptoms of STDs. While a penis infection in the form of blistering sores is most often associated with genital herpes, a milder penis infection may indicate trichomoniasis, a disease that often goes unnoticed among men who have it. An infected penis that is irritated but does not appear ridden with sores is a trichomoniasis symptom. Trichomoniasis may also result in a burning sensation following ejaculation or urination.

Diagnosing a Penis Infection

STD testing can accurately pinpoint the cause of an infected penis. As some STDs, including trichomoniasis, don’t always produce clear-cut symptoms, testing is necessary following unprotected sex. STDs like herpes and trichomoniasis can be transmitted even if the infected party isn’t experiencing symptoms or discomfort.

Treating a Penis Infection

Once the cause of a penis infection is determined, treatment can be given to help alleviate any physical discomfort and, in some cases, eliminate the underlying cause. Though there is no cure for genital herpes, medication can be used to reduce the severity of outbreaks and prevent them from recurring. Trichomoniasis, on the other hand, is completely curable with antibiotics, and in some cases, it can be eliminated with a single dose of drugs.

Preventing a Penis Infection

The best way to avoid waking up with an infected penis is to practice safe sexual habits. These include using protection and limiting sexual activity to a single partner, ideally one who has undergone STD testing and is confirmed to be infection-free. 

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