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Itchy Red Bumps & STDs

When itchy red bumps appear on the body, it can certainly be unpleasant; but when itchy red bumps appear on the genitals, it can quickly become a point of concern. Itchy red bumps on the genitals may be nothing more than an allergic reaction, but they can also be a herpes symptom.

What Causes Itchy Red Bumps on the Genitals?

Some people have naturally sensitive skin, and that translates to the genital area as well. Scented soaps and laundry products can easily cause an allergic reaction in the form of itchy red bumps on the body, and if this happens, the genitals may be impacted.

Excess sweat can also produce a reaction that results in itchy red bumps on the genitals. This can happen when tight clothing is worn and the area isn’t given room to breathe.

While there are plenty of harmless causes of itchy red bumps on the genitals, when they appear and don’t go away easily on their own, herpes cannot be ruled out.

When STD Testing Should Be Considered

Itchy red bumps on the penis or vagina that blister may be a symptom of STDs like herpes. Herpes outbreaks can occur weeks or months following transmission, and the only way to pinpoint infection for sure is to undergo herpes testing.

Treating Itchy Red Bumps on the Genitals

Treatment for itchy red bumps will depend on what’s caused them to appear in the first place. When an underlying STD isn’t to blame, changing daily habits may help improve the situation. The use of unscented soaps and detergent, for example, may help itchy red bumps clear up and prevent them from coming back. The same holds true for wearing loose, comfortable clothing and underwear, especially during warmer temperatures.

When it comes to itchy red bumps caused by genital herpes, medication can be used to help alleviate discomfort. There is no cure for herpes, but drug treatment can reduce the severity of symptoms and limit the frequency of recurring outbreaks.

Avoiding Herpes

The best way to avoid genital herpes and the itchy red bumps that may come with it is to practice safe sexual habits. Limiting intercourse to a single monogamous partner who is confirmed to be free of herpes is the best way to avoid the disease while remaining sexually active. Though condom usage can help, it’s not a surefire way of preventing herpes and keeping itchy red bumps on the genitals away. 

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