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Itchy groin overview

An itchy groin is a vague symptom that varies for everyone. An skin irritation around the groin or genitals can be so mild that it goes unnoticed. For other people, the itchiness can be accompanied with severe pain, bumps or blisters, and/or swollen glands around the groin.

Possible causes of an itchy groin

An itchy groin can signal a variety of conditions, including sexually transmitted diseases. Since an itchy groin can be very mild, these potential STD symptoms may be dismissed or mistaken for a less serious condition instead of being recognized as an STD. Genital herpes, a common cause of genital itching, often is confused for other conditions; in fact, 90% of people with genital herpes are unaware of their status.

In addition to genital herpes, an itchy groin or skin irritation around the genitals can be caused by jock itch, heat rash, or allergic reactions to soaps, detergent, etc.

Diagnosing an itchy groin

An itchy groin can be diagnosed through STD testing. Since genital herpes is very common and presents vague symptoms, it’s important to rule out this STD when experiencing possible symptoms. If negative, a doctor can diagnose other causes of an itchy groin.

Treating an itchy groin

Treatment for an itchy groin depends on the cause. Genital herpes can be treated with antiviral medication, which can alleviate symptoms and reduce the frequency of outbreaks. A doctor can administer treatment when caused by other conditions.

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