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How Do You Get Gonorrhea?

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How Do You Get Gonorrhea?

“How do you get gonorrhea?” is a more common question than some people realize. That’s perhaps in part because of all the misinformation on the web and elsewhere about what causes STDs like gonorrhea. We’re planning to set the record straight once and for all.

How do you get gonorrhea

  • From dirty toilet seats? Nope. If you get gonorrhea symptoms after using a questionable restroom, it’s just a coincidence. Really.
  • From hot tubs? Again, no. Gonorrhea and other STDs cannot be spread in hot tubs, swimming pools or other recreational water facilities unless sexual contact occurs.
  • From trying on infected clothes? No. Trying on clothes after someone who has gonorrhea will not spread the infection to you.
  • From sharing towels? No. Fabric-to-skin contact does not transmit gonorrhea.

Can I Get Gonorrhea from Sex?

Yes. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease, which means it can be spread:

  • Through sexual contact with the penis, vagina, mouth or anus.
  • With or without ejaculation.
  • From a mother to her child at birth.

How Is Gonorrhea Testing Performed?

If you think you have gonorrhea, how do you get gonorrhea testing? It’s pretty simple. STD testing is available from primary care physicians, STD clinics and online STD testing companies. Gonorrhea testing can be conducted with a simple swab or urine sample and results are generally available in a few days.

How Do You Get Gonorrhea Treatment?

Any STD testing facility that provides gonorrhea testing should also offer gonorrhea treatment (or a physician who can write a prescription for the treatment). So how do you get gonorrhea treatment to cure the infection? Simply take the full round of antibiotics as prescribed and the infection should clear up.

What are Common Gonorrhea Symptoms?

Naturally, gonorrhea symptoms are caused by having gonorrhea. But some STD symptoms (like burning urination, genital discharge, swollen testicles, and spotting between periods) may be caused by other conditions as well.

For example, yeast infections in women may mimic gonorrhea.

How Do You Get Gonorrhea out of Your Body?

After STD testing confirms that you have gonorrhea, antibiotics can completely cure the infection. That’s because it’s a bacterial STD – that can only be spread through sexual contact.

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