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Genital Pimples & STDS

Genital pimples can be uncomfortable, unsightly, and downright embarrassing. If you're experiencing genital pimples, you probably want to know what's causing them and, more importantly, what you can do to make them go away.

Causes of Genital Pimples

Sometimes genital pimples are just that: regular old pimples that happen to appear in the least convenient of places. Acne is a condition that doesn't discriminate, and just as it can affect the face, back, or chest, it can also affect the genitals. Excessive sweating in the region can result in genital pimples, as can improper hygiene.

Although genital pimples don't always point to an infection like herpes, they are a known symptom of STDs. When genital pimples don't go away after a period of time, STD testing may be necessary to figure out if an underlying infection is to blame.

Genital Pimples as a Herpes Symptom

Most folks assume that genital pimples caused by herpes are bound to be painful in nature, but in reality, plenty of people who experience herpes outbreaks don't feel any marked discomfort. Genital pimples produced by herpes tend to blister and may cause overall penile or vaginal discomfort. Herpes outbreaks may also produce flu-like symptoms.

When Herpes Testing is Necessary

The only way to definitively diagnose the source of genital pimples is to undergo STD testing. Genital pimples caused by herpes can be treated with antiviral medication. This will help them clear up more quickly and may also prevent them from recurring as often.

Preventing Genital Pimples

Maintaining proper personal hygiene habits and wearing loose-fitting underwear and clothing, especially during periods of warm weather, can help keep genital pimples from surfacing. To avoid genital pimples caused by herpes, it's necessary to steer clear of the disease altogether. Those who are sexually active may have a difficult time staying herpes-free due to the disease's easily transmittable nature. Herpes can be passed from person to person via skin-to-skin contact, so it’s possible to contract the disease during foreplay in addition to actual intercourse. Using condoms consistently and limiting sexual activity to one partner at a time can significantly reduce the risk of infection.

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