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Are you experiencing genital cysts?

Overview of Genital Cysts

The sudden presence of genital cysts can be alarming and raise a lot of questions: “What do they look like? What do genital cysts mean? How can I diagnose them? Can they be treated?”

First off, the appearance of genital cysts can vary by person. Even when caused by sexually transmitted diseases, genital cysts can vary by disease. Some are red and painful, while others are flat, raised, painless warts. Cysts can occur above or below the skin. Other conditions can produce genital cysts, many of which are benign.

Possible Causes of Genital Cysts

Genital cysts may be a STD symptom, but can also be caused by harmless conditions. The following have been known to cause cysts around the genital area:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Genital herpes: Herpes sores are usually red, painful, and eventually break open and crust over.
    • Syphilis: A single cyst will appear after infection. This sore will be hard, painless, and resemble a bug bite.
    • Genital warts: Cysts are actually warts. These warts can vary in appearance from flesh colored to pink. There can be one or several.
  • Bartholin Cyst: This is caused by swelling of the Bartholin glad located near the opening of the vagina.
  • Sebaceous or Epidermoid Cyst: These small, painless, fluid-filled bumps usually occur on the face, neck, torso, and sometimes the genitals.
  • Ingrown hair
  • Shaving irritation

Diagnosing Genital Cysts

STD testing can diagnose these symptoms. In particular, herpes testing is necessary when experiencing mysterious bumps since genital herpes symptoms widely vary by person. Syphilis and herpes testing is performed through a blood test at a local lab. Results and a diagnosis are available within a few short days.

If STD testing comes back negative or you are not sexually active, a doctor can help diagnose genital cysts. Most cysts are benign, but on rare occasions, genital cysts can indicate cancer so it is important to see a doctor.

Treating Genital Cysts

Herpes is not curable, but treatable through antiviral medication to reduce the severity of symptoms and frequency of herpes outbreaks. Among other STDs, syphilis is cured through antibiotics, while genital warts can be removed.

Bartholin and sebaceous cysts usually do not require treatment, but if they are painful and irritating a doctor can remove them. 

Written & researched by Abby Morgan

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