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Bumps on Vagina & STDs

Experiencing vaginal bumps? It could be an allergic reaction or the result of general irritation, but it could also point to an STD like herpes. Bumps on the vagina are a known genital herpes symptom, and when they don't go away, herpes testing is necessary to figure out if the infection is present.

Bumps on Vagina? Get Tested for STDs

Vaginal bumps can appear a few weeks or a few months following exposure to an STD like genital herpes. Although some women with genital herpes will never experience symptoms and therefore not even realize they've been infected, others will find themselves plagued with:

• Bumps on vagina that don't go away

• Overall vaginal pain

• Pain during intercourse

• Flu-like symptoms

Bumps on Vagina Aren't Always Painful

Bumps on the vagina resulting from herpes don’t always cause marked discomfort. In fact, it's easy enough for plenty of women to mistake vaginal bumps with something as harmless as an allergic reaction. Anyone who has unprotected intercourse, however, is at risk for genital herpes and should undergo STD testing when bumps on the vagina appear.

Bumps on Vagina: A Possibility Despite Condom Usage

One of the scariest things about genital herpes is that it's possible to contract the disease even when condoms are used properly and consistently during sex. Because herpes sores can reside in areas of the genitals not covered by condoms, the disease can be transmitted when the skin of an infection person comes into contact with his or her partner's skin. The only way to avoid genital herpes is to abstain from sexual activity or limit it to a monogamous partner who has gotten tested and is confirmed to be disease-free.

Bumps on Vagina: Treatment Can Help

Although there is no cure for genital herpes, medication can help by reducing both the severity of STD symptoms and the frequency of future outbreaks that may produce painful bumps on the vagina. When bumps on the vagina are not herpes-related but uncomfortable nonetheless, some topical over-the-counter creams may help by alleviating general vaginal irritation. Avoiding perfumed soaps and washes can also help prevent vaginal bumps from resurfacing.

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