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If you’ve never gone through the STD testing process before, then it’s natural to be a little nervous about the idea. But the good news is that STD testing today is easier, less invasive, and more convenient than ever before. In fact, now that you have the option of ordering your tests online. In relationships today getting a test is a really touchy subject to talk about. Many couples are scared to talk about getting tested because they think it might mean the end of their relationship. Getting tested is no longer an embarrassing wait in a line. There are many options for getting onge with no wait or records.

A Private STD Test

Getting tested is no longer a painful and embarrassing trip to the clinic. Now, you can get tested quickly with no wait and no records at many clinics across the nation. There is also the option of getting an at-home STD test kit where you can test from the convenience of your home.

Test Preparation

Preparing to get tested is easy for most STD testing options. A blood or urine sample is collected at a lab. In the case of an at-home test, tissue samples can be colected with a swab for women and urine for men. The only recommended preparation is to avoid urinating for 1 to 2 hours prior to testing.

At-Home STD Testing Options

If you choose to get an STD test at home, you can test privately without leaving your house. Order the test kit online or via phone, and once you complete your test, samples are mailed to our national lab network for testing. At-home STD testing is available for men and women. This option is fully confidential.

STD Test Process

The test for most diseases can be conducted either at a lab or at home. Lab testing never requires an appointment and usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes at the lab.

Your Results

Results for most are available within 1 to 5 business days. Your results can be access through our secured portal or over the phone. We have certified counselors available to interpret you test results.

Treatment Process

Treatment is available for several common STDs. In-house physicians can prescribe medication for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and herpes. A free doctor's consultation via phone is available for all positive test results.

Window Period for Accurate Testing

The window period depends on the infection. There is usually a 7-10 day period between the time of exposure and when the test can accurately detect chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. The herpes window period, as well as hepatitis, is 3 to 6 weeks. The HIV window period is 3 to 6 months. 

STD Symptoms

Most STDs are often asymptotic, meaning most people don’t experience signs or symptoms of the infection. If symptoms of a disease is present, they typically include abnormal discharge, burning during urination, bleeding between menstrual cycles in women. Men may experience abnormal discharge, pain during urination, or burning and itching around the opening of the penis, for example.

Free STD Test vs. Premium STD Test

In this case, free STD testing isn't always better. Free testing at a local clinic usually only includes a chlamydia test, gonorrhea test and HIV test. Plus, this option is usually never completely free and requires a small fee, as well as long wait times. Premium STD testing offers fast, private screening for 8 common STDs, including genital herpes.

Testing Recommendations

Testing is recommended annually for all sexually active adults. Anyone concerned of recent exposure, those experiencing symptoms, sexually active women under 25, pregnant women, and anyone engaging in high risk sexual behavior should get tested for tested frequently. If you are unsure what to test for, our trained STD counselors can provide recommendations based on your specific case.

Details of The Test

There are a number of options available for various diseases, for example the NAAT test is available for chlamydia. HIV testing uses the ELISA HIV test confirmed by Western Blot.

Privacy & Confidentiality 

We value and respect your privacy. Your results will not appear on your insurance records, we will not sell your data and our communications are always discreet. For credit and debit card purchases, your order is billed under an anonymous ghost company. Paypal is also available as a private payment option.



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Fastest Results!

The HIV early detection test is a DNA-based test that can detect the virus as early as two weeks after possible exposure. However, our physician's recommend pairing the early detection test with the HIV Standard test, which is considered the "gold standard" in HIV screening. However, it may take up to 12 weeks for the HIV Standard test to provide accurate results. Repeat HIV testing is recommended for sexually active adults with multiple partners or concern of exposure.