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STD Testing for Syphilis in Orlando

STD Testing for Syphilis in Orlando

Location Number 436
Orlando, FL 32822

STD Testing for Syphilis in Orlando: Test for STDs today in the privacy of your own home or at a local Orlando lab within the 32822 zip code. No wait, complete privacy, results within 1-5 days, treatment for many curable STDs, and no insurance reporting.

Many Orlando labs open until 5:00pm or later. Order and test as soon as today.

STD tests include: chlamydia test, gonorrhea test, hiv test, trichomoniasis test, hepatitis b test, hepatitis c test, syphilis test, oral herpes test, and genital herpes test. Prices start at $30.

Get STD Testing in Orlando, FL in 4 Easy Steps:

STEP 1: Order
STEP 2: Test
STEP 3: Results
STEP 4: Treatment
Order STD test(s)
Select testing location:
Pay with credit card, e-check, or anonymously with cash
1-3 days to results
Print requisition form or have it faxed directly to lab
Visit lab for testing; 15-20 minutes
7-10 days to results
Receive home testing kit via USPS*
Follow detailed testing instructions and mail completed test to our lab network
View test results via private, online portal or phone
Discuss results with our in-house physicians
Receive prescription for treatment of chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and trichomoniasis

Orlando STD Testing Centers

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* More Details Available During Ordering

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About STD Testing in Orlando

STD Testing Orlando, FL is available as soon as today. We understand time is of the essence and offer two painless STD testing options: test at a local, private lab within the zip code or test for STDs at home.

Backed by nationwide medical experts, thousands of people - from their twenties to their eighties - trust for their routine std testing needs.

Our testing is fast, offers complete privacy, and is analyzed by the same labs used by doctors and hospitals nationwide. Results are available within 1 - 5 days and include a free consult with our on-staff physician network to answer questions, get treatment, and help interpreting test results. STD test results will not appear on insurance records.

Get tested. Get treated. Get on with your life.

STD Counselors Standing By:

Orlando STD Testing Options

Popular Tests Package
Complete STD Test Package - $229

Individual Tests
HIV Test - $79
Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Tests - $149
Oral & Genital Herpes Tests - $149
Syphllis Test - $89
Hepatitis B Test - $89
Hepatitis C Test - $89
HIV Early Detection - $179

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