A large number of men fear STD testing for one reason: the dreaded swab. Sure, there’s nothing appealing about having a cotton swab insert into the penis, but there’s also nothing appealing about chlamydia. STD testing is a must for men, and fortunately, new technologies have made swabbing a thing of the past. (Hepatitis, herpes and HIV testing require a small blood sample.)

Painless urine-based STD tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea eliminate the need to swab. (Men should have a chlamydia test and gonorrhea test as part of their routine STD testing.) For men, getSTDtested.com only uses urine tests at their local labs (phew!). There’s no pain and no need to undress with this process. STD testing has never been easier!

However, many locations (especially low-cost clinics) still rely on swabbing as a test method. Do your research before testing, so there are no unpleasant surprises at the lab or doctor’s office.