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When your results are ready, you'll receive a notification email. From there, you'll be instructed how to view your STD testing results online. Results aren't included in the email; you must log in to a password-protect portal to view them.

Doctor's consultation available with results

Trained STD counselors and in-house physicians are on-call to answer any questions about results. If necessary, doctors can also prescribe medication for the most common STDs.

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FAQs About STD Test Results


Understanding STD test results

Positive or reactive: The test detected the infection within your body.
Negative or non-reactive: The test did not detect the infection within your body.
Equivocal or indeterminate: The test could not make a positive or negative result. Retesting is recommended for these results.
Reflex test: A second test performed on the original sample used to confirm the first STD test.

Understanding herpes results

Herpes results are determined by a numerical value.
<.90 Anything less than .90 is negative. Even if there a number present, it's still considered normal.
.91 to 1.1 This range is considered equivocal. Retesting is recommended.
1.1 > Results registering greater than 1.1 are positive.

Herpes test results with an index range between 1.1 and 3.5 have a chance of being a false positive. A herpes confirmation test (also know as the herpes inhibition test) is available to rule out false positive results. Call 866-749-6269 to inquire about the herpes inhibition test.

What if I'm positive for an STD?

STDs are common, but all are treatable and many are curable. All infections are best treated when diagnosed early through STD testing. Our network of on-staff physicians can prescribe antibiotics to cure chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. Medication to treat herpes outbreaks is also available. Doctors will call in a prescription to the local pharmacy of your choice.

Can I speak with a doctor?

Yes. Doctor's consultation is available with your purchase, just call our STD counselors to set up an appointment. (additional charges may apply)

Can I get re-infected with the same STD more than once?

Yes. When positive for curable STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis, it's critical that all partners have STD testing performed and are treated properly to avoid reinfection. Be sure to abstain from sex for 10 days after taking antibiotics to allow the medication to work properly. After completing treatment, a confirmation STD test can determine whether the infection has been cured.

I'm positive for HSV-1. What does that mean?

HSV-1 is oral herpes, the virus that causes cold sores. It's very common; in fact, it affects 50 to 80 percent of the population. Most people acquire this virus during childhood through a casual kiss from a relative or through sharing a drink–not from sexual means. Those positive with this virus don't need to abstain from sex or take any special precautions, except to avoid oral sex during outbreaks. If you suffer from frequent cold sores, treatment to suppress outbreaks is available from staff doctors.

I see a test result listed as "RPR." What's that?

RPR is the syphilis test result. RPR stands for rapid plasma reagin, which is the most common type of syphilis test.