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Gonorrhea symptoms include genital itching, burning and discharge. A gonorrhea test offers peace of mind when unknown symptoms appear.


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Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Men

Gonorrhea symptoms in men may include painful urination, penile discharge and/or swollen testicles. Symptoms of gonorrhea generally appear within two weeks after exposure. Some men will never experience symptoms, but should take a gonorrhea test if possibly exposed to the STD.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Women

The majority of women never experience gonorrhea symptoms. When present, symptoms women are often mild and mistaken for less serious bladder or vaginal infections. Symptoms of gonorrhea in women include painful urination, abnormal discharge, irregular bleeding, abdominal pain and genital itching.

Effects of Untreated Gonorrhea Symptoms

If left untreated, gonorrhea can cause serious complications, such as infertility in women and a painful condition called epididymitis in men. When possible gonorrhea symptoms are present, don’t ignore them. Even when symptoms aren’t present, a routine gonorrhea test can diagnose this STD and prevent long-term damage. That's why its imperative to get a Gonorrhea Test.

STD Testing in a Relationship

Guidebook To Talking about Gonorrhea Testing

Identifying Gonorrhea Symptoms

Discovering genital symptoms that could signify an STD like gonorrhea can be worrisome. But when potential symptoms of this STD arise, it’s important to get tested so that you can subsequently seek help if necessary. Of course, recognizing symptoms of gonorrhea is often easier said than done, as gonorrhea symptoms can be painful or barely detectable at all. Here are a few common gonorrhea symptoms to look out for:

Genital Discharge

Genital discharge is one of the most widely reported gonorrhea symptoms in men and women. The tricky thing about this female gonorrhea symptom is that it can be easily confused with the discharge produced by a yeast infection. And for women who experience normal vaginal discharge on a regular basis, it’s possible to simply overlook this common gonorrhea symptom. For females, the thing to take note of is discharge that is thicker than usual and colored in nature. In men, on the other hand, penile discharge is rarely a common occurrence, and discharge that is thick and colored (usually yellow, white, or green) may unfortunately be a symptom of gonorrhea.

Burning Urination

A burning sensation during urination is another common gonorrhea symptom. Though painful urination can also signify an infection of the urinary tract, if it’s accompanied by genital discharge, it should raise a red flag as far as gonorrhea symptoms go.

Vaginal Bleeding Between Periods

Bleeding in between periods is another known gonorrhea symptom in women. While spotting is normal for some females, for others, it could point to gonorrheal infection. If unusual vaginal bleeding is accompanied by increased discharge, pain during intercourse, and burning urination, it’s best to get a gonorrhea test to see if the disease is to blame.

Swollen Testicles

Though not the most common gonorrhea symptom in men, some infected males may experience painful, swollen testicles following infection. If testicular pain appears in conjunction with symptoms like penile discharge and burning urination, STD testing is in order.

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