Get Tested

It's the weekend! How about an STD test?

Save $25 off STD testing

TGIF, right?? The weekend is a great time to relax and catch up on the things you missed during the week. Grocery shopping, laundry, STD know, the usuals! Ok, STD testing might not be your average weekend activity, but it's still something that needs to get done.

Fortunately, many of our 4,000+ testing locations have Saturday hours for quick, convenient STD testing. Testing only takes 15 to 20 minutes, so you'll be out the door and on with your weekend in no time.

To ease this process further, we're offering $25 off all HIV and STD testing. Use coupon code WEEKEND at checkout to save! (If you don't test on the weekend, it's cool - you can still save a few bucks!)