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When it comes to genital herpes testing—and STD testing in general—it’s best to test before symptoms crop up. Many STDs, including genital herpes, can be present even when symptoms are absent. In fact, with genital herpes this is often the case.

Approximately one in six persons in the U.S. is infected with genital herpes, yet up to 90% are unaware of their infection. This is due largely to its asymptomatic nature. It’s also so prevalent because genital herpes can be spread in between outbreaks.

Even when genital herpes symptoms are present, many people don’t associate them with the virus. Symptoms can be vague and confused for chafing, jock itch, shaving irritation or a yeast infection.

Since genital herpes can be spread even when symptoms or outbreaks are absent, the best way to prevent this STD is through genital herpes testing, so both partners know their status.Genital herpes testing can be perfomed with blood tests that can detect the virus even when outbreaks or symptoms are nonexistent. If one partner is positive, transmission can be reduced significantly by consistent condoms use and by taking antiviral medication.

Unsure of your status? Get a genital herpes test as early as today!