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Anonymous STD Testing

Be wary of sites and services that claim full anonymity of testing. In most states and for many diseases, STD testing providers are required by law to report the names of individuals who test positive. Keep in mind that generally, free clinics require proof of identification and report your results to the Federal Government. However, there are anonymous options if you test with us.

Our Layers of Anonymity

  • Anonymous At the Lab: Select labs use forms with a privacy ID code, which protects your name and identification from lab staff. Contact one of our trained STD counselors to find a confidential lab in your area.
  • Anonymous Payment: You can choose to pay with a Visa gift card or prepaid credit card, which are readily available at convenience stores and grocery stores. Simply purchase a card with the specified amount and use it like a normal credit or debit card. Paypal is also available for discreet payment.
  • Anonymous / Discreet Billing: For credit and debit card purchases, STD testing is billed under a separate, independent company.
  • General Lab: Unlike a typical STD clinic, our private labs test all kinds of conditions, everything from cholesterol testing to basic lab work, so no one knows you're getting tested for STDs.
  • At-home STD testing: Test for STDs in the privacy and comfort of your home with at-home STD test kits. Receive your test kit via mail and then send it to our FDA-approved lab network for processing.

We understand that STD testing is a sensitive issue and sometimes testing with a family practitioner isn't feasible. Whether you're dealing with a situation of infidelity or you don't want an STD test reported to insurance, you can maintain the desired level of privacy. Our service offers anonymous and confidential features for the most comfortable STD testing experience.

You've done your research, now it's time to get the most anonymous STD testing possible.

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