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All About STDs

What is an STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases (also referred to as STDs or STIs - "sexually transmitted infections") are diseases that spread from person to person through intimate sexual contact, but can also be spread through other means such as IV drug use (sharing needles) and, in the case of some STDs, even through child birth. The truth is that all people who are engaging in sexual activity are at risk for STDs. In fact, statistics show that almost all people who are sexually active will contract an STD within their lifetime.

How do I know if I have an STD?

Some people who become infected with STDs will experience symptoms, which can differ based on the type of disease or infection. Although each STD can have specific symptoms, many STDs (such as chlamydia symptoms and gonorrhea symptoms) often show no signs or symptoms of infection, and are therefore known as "silent" diseases. The only way to be completely sure of your sexual health is to be tested for STDs, and can help. If you test positive for an STD, we offer real help. We offer on-call STD counselors who can discuss your results, evaluate symptoms and even set up an appointment with our physician - who can, in many cases, prescribe treatment over the phone. See a list of common STD symptoms, by clicking here.

Which STDs can I get tested for?

At, we offer tests for the most common STDs: HIV, herpes 1, herpes 2, chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis and trichomoniasis - all of which you can test for at a confidential testing center local to you. If you are looking to be tested from the comfort and privacy of your own home, you can choose from one or all of our home STD testing options including, home chlamydia test kit, home gonorrhea test kit, home HIV testing and home trichomoniasis kit. All of our tests are available to purchase online.

Is oral sex considered "safe sex"?

It is a common misconception to believe that oral sex is ""safe sex."" The fact is that you can both contract and pass along an STD through oral sex and whether that is vaginal, penile, or anal oral sex. However, it is important to note that oral sex is significantly lower-risk that vaginal or anal intercourse. To lower your risk even more, we always recommend using a condom or dental dam when performing oral sex on a partner you deem is at risk for STDs. It's always better to be safe when it comes to your sexual health.

Are the tests offered accurate?

We use the same STD tests that you would receive at a hospital - so be assured you are testing with the most accurate tests available. These are the most senstiive tests on the market.

What does the actual STD testing entail?

If you test at a local testing center, you will provide either a blood or urine sample, depending on the test purchased. If you decide to test with one of our at-home STD testing kits, you will supply a urine sample and mail it back to our lab for analysis.

What if I test positive for an STD?

If you get STD tested and are returned a positive result, we are here to help. We have certified expert STD counselors to help you interpret results and discuss any concerns you may have. Additionally, we have medical doctors available (by appointment) that can answer any questions you may have and, in most cases, are even licensed to prescribe treatment in the form of medication. It is important to note that the a doctor consultation is included in the price of your test package but, in you would like our physician to prescribe treatment, there will be an additional charge. 

Below you can find general information on STDs, and a brief overview of how works. If you have any other questions, please feel free to read through How Our STD Testing Works or click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions.

How Does work?

Our end-to-end online process makes ordering your tests, choosing a local std testing center, and receiving your STD test results as convenient as possible. Our online system works as follows:

  • Step 1: Order Your STD Tests If you test at a local testing center, choose from tests for: HIV, Herpes 1, Herpes 2, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and/or Syphilis. Or, at-home std tests for HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and/or Trichomoniasis.
  • Step 2: Get STD Tested Enter your zip code and choose the local STD testing center most convenient to you. There is no need to book an appointment - just show up within business hours with the form we provide.
  • Step 3: Get Results Once your std test results are ready, we will notify you to come back to our website and view your STD test results 100% confidentially.
  • Step 4: Talk to a Doctor For positive STD test results, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to speak with our staffed physician, free of charge, who can help interpret your results and, in many cases, can even prescribe treatment.

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